2021 Confirmation Classes at Riviera

Anna Rosas, Youth Education and Outreach Assistant

Anna Rosas, Youth Education and Outreach Assistant, is offering Youth Confirmation Classes this winter and spring at Riviera Church.

Confirmation is the process through which young members of the church can examine their own faith and beliefs, learn more about theology and the church, and challenge it all to get to an understanding of their place within the Presbyterian church and to an affirmation of their faith.  Some have called it the “Doubter’s Club” given the natural tendency of youth to question the basic tenets of Presbyterian faith.  Whatever the name, Riviera Presbyterian Church is on it!  

Our Confirmation Class, led by Anna Rosas, Youth Education and Outreach Assistant, began on Sunday, January 31. Three youth, Dustin,  Jackie, and Lexie, are attending Riviera’s classes and Morgan is auditing them.  Anna is utilizing the Colaborate: Sparkhouse Presbyterian Confirmation Curriculum which was approved for her use by the Riviera Session. There are three major sections to the curriculum:  Old Testament, New Testament, and Doctrine-Polity-History.  The components of the curriculum are all interconnected, but they are flexible and can be combined or skipped as needed. Riviera’s 2020 class is smart and inquisitive; and Anna knows this curriculum is challenging enough to keep these bright students interested. 

The confirmation classes will be conducted every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. online until at such time that they’re not! As the classes progress, Anna looks forward to having Riviera’s members involved; and there’s a possibility for a retreat during the summer! Please contact Anna at rivierapreschristianed@gmail.com if you have any questions about the 2021 confirmation class or youth program at Riviera Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Martha Shiverick2021 Confirmation Classes at Riviera