First Time Guests

We Guarantee You Will Be Welcomed!


Parking is available on all sides of the church buildings, including in Coral Gables Parking Lot #19 on the West side of the building. 

Enter the sanctuary at the Sunset Drive entrance. A greeter or an usher will meet you and answer any questions you may have. 


Riviera Presbyterian Church follows a traditional worship style. You have the option of a printed bulletin or download a bulletin to your device, where you can follow the Order of Service and sing from the hymnals. If you are a first-time visitor, please fill out the Friendship pad or scan the QR code in the bulletin. We use this information for our pastor to make a connection with you. 


Our childcare program is for children up to the age of 5. We encourage families to sit together at the start of the worship service, and during A Time for All Ages, children of all ages may come forward and engage with Miss Anna. If you want your child/ren to be in childcare after this time, you may accompany them or have them follow the caregiver, Josephine Gurri. 

Josephine is CPR certified and has been our caregiver for over 20 years. 

Children 6 and over may attend the Children’s Sunday School Class with Miss Anna. There is also an activity table in the back for children not yet ready to participate in Sunday School. 


Communion at RPC is on the First Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome to the table. However, don’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t wish to take Communion.


After the service, refreshments and goodies will be available in the Narthex/Welcome Area or the courtyard. You may hear this time for extended mingling called “Holy Grounds.” Please feel free to have refreshments and speak with our pastor and members. Our members try to find people who may be new to our church and make them feel welcome. But we are human, and sometimes we may miss you. So please introduce yourself to someone and tell them you are “new.”

We Guarantee You Will Be Welcomed!
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