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Riviera Presbyterian Church

Riviera is a congregation absolutely committed to being open and affirming of all of God’s people. Wherever you are on your faith journey, come and experience a family-centered church, Gay-friendly church with a growing Christian Education Program and Youth Fellowship. 

We are unapologetically diverse in our beliefs and our progressive theology, and we feel charged to change the world as God’s disciples working for a just and loving society.

We are faithful people who enjoy being with one another, worshipping with one another, and doing God’s work along side one another.  

 Whether it is our Sunday morning worship service, a Youth Group Lock-In, our Run|Walk team workouts, or our ministries to children-at-risk, and the homeless of Dade County, the Riviera Congregation is seeking to live out what it means to Reflect the Path of Christ.




Riviera Presbyterian Church is a spiritual community engaged in joyful worship, transforming education, and active service reflecting the path of Christ.

  • RPC will grow and broaden our membership with focused outreach.
  • RPC will be a voice of conscience in Miami for a more peaceful, just and ethical community.
  • RPC will build a reputation as a church engaged in an active mission.
  • We understand that inclusivity and active service to others are appropriate responses to Christ’s teachings.f197e1_a416379fe94244d3a7bcc16ac19074e8
  • We use our people, building and money wisely to make a significant impact in our community.
  • We enjoy our life together and celebrate with friendship, fun and food.
  • We honor our heritage, applying its lessons creatively in present circumstances as we can move toward an open future.


The first meeting of the “Presbyterian Service” was held on July 2, 1944 at the Coco Plum Woman’s Club with 51 people present. Presbyterian Service became known as Riviera Presbyterian Church on Jan. 11, 1945 at a meeting with 74 people present. At this time four Elders and four Deacons were elected and the annual budget was set at $1,200.

Oct. 14, 1945: A lot 200 ft. x 200 ft. on Sunset Drive was purchased for $4,000, and between 1945 and 1949 more land was purchased, a manse was built and an organ was purchased.

On May 8, 1949 ground was broken for the first phase of Riviera Presbyterian Church. This first building was the Sanctuary which is now Fellowship Hall.

a Director of Education was hired, the Library was begun, the newsletter was started and plans were made for our present Sanctuary. The first worship service in the new Sanctuary was July 10, 1955.

More land was purchased, the second pastor hired and Dial-a-prayer was started.

Henry Barrow marries Sandy Scherer at RPC. Rev. J.D. Henderson officiates. Best man Hollis Barrow and father of the bride was Earl Scherer.

Rev. Sam Houck called to serve.  In controversy over civil rights many church members leave in schism of Presbyterian denomination.

RPC became an activist church. Invited Cesar Chavez to the pulpit. Flash Gordon was pastor.

Child care is offered through the nascent Head Start program.

The Child Care Center at RPC is incorporated.

Rev. Laurie Kraus and Rev. Rick Neale join Riviera Church as co-pastors.

Pastor Rev. Laurie Kraus is called to administer the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance team in Louisville, Ky.

Rev. Monica Styron called to serve as interim pastor.

Pastoral Nominating Committee presents Candidate Martha Shiverick to the congregation. By unanimous proclamation, she is elected Riviera’s incoming Pastor Elect. She is expected to be installed in early 2015.

1945: First building.

July 9, 1955 clipping


Daniel Morales Director of University Ministries

Barbara Prieto Certified Church Administrator

Valerie Deville Superintendent Children's Sunday School


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