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Greetings! – Riviera Church is an unapologetically progressive community in the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are a family church where families come in all compositions. We are a thinking church that wrestles with faith issues confronting our society today and strives to make our faith personally relevant and meaningful. We are a mission-driven church that, since the civil rights movement, has worked for justice and peace for all God’s children. In our worship, our education, and our mission we strive that all will know they are loved unconditionally. – The Session of Riviera Presbyterian Church


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5275 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
Tel. 305-666-8586

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Why I Attend Riviera

  • Shortly after moving to Miami, I started attending Riviera in 1994 and found so many welcoming and friendly people that I knew I had found my new church home. As a lifelong Presbyterian and minister’s kid, RPC is like no other church I’ve known. They welcome all of God’s Children and preach only the “good news”. Once you enter the doors, acceptance is not an issue and you quickly become part of the loving RPC family, and one can find so many ways to be involved in the life of the church and its missions. As the creator of the glass cross in the sanctuary, I am proud to call Riviera Presbyterian Church my church!! During Covid, my mother attended with me over the zoom services and decided to join as a member even though she lives in Indiana. My niece from Ohio loves to attend church when she visits each summer, calling us the fun Sunday Church!! Most recently my wife has started attending more regularly and participates in the wonderful music program. Thanks to all my Riviera family who genuinely welcomes ALL. Thanks be to God,

    Kathy Stults, Elder
  • I have good memories concerning Riviera’s journey toward More Light designation. My family and I participated in activities that opened our church doors wide to all of Go’s children regardless of sexual orientation. We participated in such events as dinner for anyone with AIDS or HIV Positive. We offered this event monthly and invited those who wished to be included to dine with us, have a social gathering, and make friendships. It was popular with all of us. That program brought us new people who joined our congregation and enhanced our membership with their gifts. One person even joined the choir and used his talents to add to the music and fellowship. Other activities included the Pride Parades on Miami Beach. We marched and proclaimed our mission at Riviera. Many of us also helped staff a booth, spoke about Riviera, and invited people interested in visiting our church. All who came to visit Riviera were welcomed and encouraged to come back. Loaves of homemade bread were baked and delivered to visitors who signed the Fellowship Pad. We were very serious about our message of inclusion.

    Sandy Barrow, Elder and celebrating 75 years of membership at Riviera
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